Mikee's Place Party Subs

On average, a party sub feeds 5 people per foot.
A 3 ft. sub comfortably feeds 15 people, a 4 ft. sub feeds 20, a 5 ft. sub feeds 25, and a 6 ft. sub feeds 30 people.

3-6 ft. party subs must be ordered by 2 pm TWO (2) weekdays prior to your event.

All party subs needed for Saturday, Sunday, or Monday must be ordered by 2 pm the Thursday prior so the bakery staff can receive the bread order in time to process your request.

Party platters feed 8 to 12 people.
A party platter is comprised of 4 Giant Subs, cut into a total of 24 smaller sandwiches, and placed on an 18-inch covered platter.

Party platters are available most days with a 3-hour notice.